Sentiment Analysis of Students' Feedback on Faculty Online Teaching Performance using Machine Learning Techniques

Caren Pacol

Local Alignment-based hang's Three-Frame Alignment Algorithm using AVX2

Roger Luis Uy, Stanley Vincent Lim, Steven Edward Lim, Carlos Louis Ting, and Aaron Eldrich Wong

Reducing Redundancy In Whiteboard Content Extraction Using Image Processing For Note Generation

Fletcher Lance Chua, Kyle Patrick Go, and Glenn Pepito

Static Analysis for Detecting Authorization and Session Management Vulnerabilities Through Taint Analysis in Java Web Applications

Jarold Miguel Bringas, Fritz Michael Manalili, Allan Patrick Wong and Katrina Ysabel Solomon

Predicting Rice Stem Borer Occurrence on Varying Weather Parameters Through Machine Learning

Evan Sumido, Larmie Feliscuzo and Chris Jordan Aliac

Detection of Face Mask in Human Facial Images using Image Processing Techniques and Supervised Learning

Nicole Allison Co, Hans Calvin Tan, Vidal Wyatt Lopez, Josh Daniel Ong, Patricia Angela Abu and Ma. Regina Justina Estuar

Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis of UST-CICS Students' Professor Evaluation Comments with Code Switching using Naive Bayes Algorithm and Support Vector Machines

Vincent Curada, Kenneth Carlo Javier, Garry Louis Madamba, Reu Colleine Antoinette Montenegro and Charmaine Ponay

Implementation of the ResNet50 Convolutional Neural Network Architecture with Ensemble Learning for the Differential Diagnosis between Acne Vulgaris and Basal Cell Carcinoma

John Bryan Lumanlan, Ma. Jessa Gomez and James Esquivel

Comparison of Performance of HSV Colorspace vs RBG Colorspace in Binary Machine Learning Classifiers for Cataract Detection using Fundus Photography Images

Philippe Anthony Bautista, Vidal Wyatt Lopez and Patricia Angela Abu

Thermal and Mask Detection Scanner with Alcohol Dispenser using Artificial Intelligence

Wajieha Alih, Patrick Alpay and Sherwin Muloc

Evaluation of the Usability of the Web-based Management System for Watermax Enterprises

Hazel Rose Bautista, Margie Dedicatoria, Jedidiah Rey Delos Santos, Al John Junio, and Matthew John Sino Cruz

Senyas: A 3D Animated Filipino Sign Language Interpreter Using Speech Recognition

Arra Almira Alberto, Hanna Mae Mangampo, Macario Lou Presto and Tita Herradura

(PC Net Secu) Private Cyber Network-Level Security Advertisement and Web Tracker Blocker using Raspberry PI with DNS Sinkholing Algorithm

Jeusuel Nonnatus de Luna, Anna Liza Villanueva, Kristoffer Lugay, Herminiño Lagunzad and Rosalina Pangilinan

Enhancement of the Extended 10x10 Playfair Cipher using Linear Sequences

Jeric June Logan, Abrham Azucena and Mark Christopher Blanco

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